Today we went to the Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse. Remnants of the original wall along with metal beams mark where the wall once stood. We followed the beams for awhile and learned about the walls construction, until it was torn down in 1989. Apparently there were over 139 deaths resulting from attempts made to go over the wall. 
We then followed where the border once was a bit before heading south towards the Reichstag (parliament building). 

The walk would have been bearable if it weren’t -3 degrees out with and slight wind that sends shivers through your skin, down to your bone. We must have stopped at least 3 or four times including a short visit to the Natural Science Museum before arriving to the parliament building. Our day was beginning to resemble more of a tour of Berlin’s coffee shops than of it’s historical landmarks. We’re lucky that we didn’t turn into a couple of snowmen. 

Also, the walk ended up being a bust as we had to reserve a spot a day in advance in order to access the glass dome that sits on top of the government building. 
We then continued on for a short while until we made our way back to the hostel…by subway this time. 

The evening was then followed by Italian dinner for two. We went back to the hostel for a couple hours to digest and just as my eyelids were closing, I felt a pair of feet touching my back from the bunk bed below. Apparently there were other plans in store because it was time to go out for a bit of soul music. 

The club was only a twenty minute walk from the hostel but of course felt like an eternity in the cold. This time I was prepared–tights, jeans, long socks, wool scarf, sweater, two shirts, coat, beanie, and a pair of pink gloves I managed to snag from wing-woman’s roommate before leaving London. I would have walked out with a duvet if it were possible.  

The club was decent. The majority were German which made it more of a local club than a tourist spot. The only thing I know how to pronounce with a decent accent now translates to “no, I don’t speak German. Do you speak English?”. That is usually followed by either a yes or a walk in the other direction…tonight it was followed by a, “yes, I do but why don’t you ever speak German for once?”.
We stayed a couple hours and noticed how all the girls were wearing mom jeans and all the boys were wearing Hawaiian or brightly colored shirts. We were clearly in the wrong decade. That, or we walked into a Calvin Harris music video that just wouldn’t end. Also, people were smoking indoors which for a non-smoker is a nightmare and results in all your clothes smelling like an ashtray for the rest of the trip.  
We went back to the hostel after a couple of hours and tried to get a bit of rest before our early start the next day. My eyes felt heavy at this point so I had no trouble sleeping. The waking up part, well, that was going to be another story. 

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