20 not 25

One thing I noticed about Peru was that you can negotiate prices for nearly anything–especially taxis. One of the backpackers we met, Olivier, made me laugh when we were looking for a place to stop and grab a beer in Aguas Caliente because he had been traveling in a few places already in South America so he was used to negotiating prices. 

As we searched the city for the “best deal” we walked up to a restaurant in the city centre and were immediately encircled by three bar/restaurant promoters (for lack of a better word). Each of them were shouting their deal at us with pictures of food in their hands to attract our attention. 
“25 soles for 4 cocktails”
“25 soles for 4 cocktails and nachos” 

To me they sounded like chickens in a hen fighting over the last grain of food but as soon as they approached Olivier walked up with his hands up ready to let each take their turn to spit out their deal. 

In reality they were all saying the same thing and they were at the same price but the pro picked the deal with nachos. Here his skills weren’t of much use but they were when we went to the night market.
10 alpaca keychains for 20 soles instead of 35. Now that’s a deal. (Family and friends–you now know what you are getting as souvenirs). 


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