A quarter of a century

Today was my 25th birthday which means I am officially a quarter of a century old. 

Now that is quite a big deal. 
Fortunately, I was able to spend it with my parents and my grandfather this year which makes it all the more special. 
Now, for my 25th birthday I had a watermelon (inside joke, you had to have been there), a couple fights with my mom and dad (not directed at me, for the most part), a gold ring with my parents birthday dates engraved, a dinner by the seaside, an overwhelming amount of happy birthday wishes from friends and family through various modes of communication, (thanks y’all), and a couple other gifts. 
Yeah I know, I’m spoiled. 
Oddly, my parents didn’t bring me skydiving which was all that I had asked for. Perhaps next year,…or tomorrow if I am able to sneak away. 
On another note…
A lot of people have asked how it feels to be 25 but most of the time they only ask the question so that they can tell me how they felt when they turned 25. 
I heard a lot of, “oh, I remember when I was that age”, from close friends. 
Guys,…yes, you are older but only by three or four years. I don’t know if that counts. 
But let’s see. 
By 25, my twelve year old self wanted to; have graduated from graduate school. Check. Lived in a foreign country. Check. Check. And check. (I blew that one out of the water). Started my own business or at least attempted to work for me myself and I. Check. (Pats back). Found a cause that I could work for. Check. Live in a legal squat. (Ok, my twelve year old self did not say this but it’s the closest to “live like a hippie” that I have come to). So, check. Be completely independent. Check. “Found myself”. 
Egh…I doubt this will ever happen as we are constantly changing so I’ll skip that one. Last but not least, found what I wanted to do as a career. 
Well, for those who aren’t aware, it finally happened and I didn’t have to clip my wings in the process. 
Not informed…? I’ll give you a few hints. 
It involves traveling, living in a third world country for a certain amount of time, helping children, and working for a humanitarian organization. 
Nothing? Guess you’ll have to wait and find out. 
In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my birthday cake. 
Thank you to all that wished me a happy birthday and if you didn’t then you suck. 
Also, to those who are in London and Paris I will be there to celebrate in a couple days! 
H-town folks, I’ll be there soon. 
Let the month long birthday celebration begin…! 🍾😎🎉

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