All you need is Kangaroo

The Australians have a not-so-secret weapon: the kangaroo.

It is no wonder that it’s their national mascot as the kangaroo is a gift that just keeps giving.

Gift #1: International Superstars
Our first encounter with the kangaroos was at the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary where we pet and fed them. Life for a kangaroo at the sanctuary is quite difficult. All day they are bombarded with photographs by noisy tourists which must be tiring for we mainly saw them laying down, waiting for international hands to feed them.
The price of entry for this zoo is around 24 dollars and with hundred of thousands of visitors per year, you can just imagine the money they are making off their bouncing friend. Can you say cha-ching?    

Gift #2: Plush Friends
France has eiffel tower key chains and Australia has plush kangaroos available in all sizes with or without the baby roo’ coming out of the pouch. Try giving a plush eiffel tower to a baby. I do not think it has quite the same effect. Look how adorable these stuffed animals are! I bet you want to order one right now…
Gift #3: All Shapes and Sizes
The gift does not stop there as kangaroos are also used as clothing, rugs, decoration… and with there many sizes and colors, there is a kangaroo for every taste. 
Gift #4: The Perfect Meal
Last but definitely not least, kangaroos are not only found bouncing around or on the floor as decoration but also in your plate! The meat is mainly muscle which makes it hard to cook but once you figured it out, it is quite tender and even…tasty! Though, as we aren’t natives, it was a bit difficult to stop thinking of the cute, cuddly, creature we were so used to petting. 
Oh, yes… kangaroos give it all; clothing, decoration, meals, tourism, etc. Clearly, Australians have exploited their native animal in every way imaginable and who wouldn’t? The only downfall is you must go to Australia to spot them but then again that is another advantage for Australians, isn’t it? 

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