Alright, fine.

So, many of you have sent messages or given the occasional hint that I should start “blogging” again or at least finish the posts about my trip in Peru. However, I must remind you all that I only started this blog so to give my family and friends a sign of life when I was either deep in Colca Canyon, swimming in the Amazon river, or swatting flies and cutting down banana trees in Australia.

Currently, I am growing roots in the UK, drinking high tea and saying things like “loo” and “bloody hell”, which is why I don’t see the need to blog constantly about my life. Furthermore, life in London isn’t quite as thrilling to read about as was fishing for piranha with a self-made fishing pole made of stick, string, and a hook.
However, I have chosen to indulge in a few posts over the next few months so to give you a glimpse of what life is like on the island or at least share a few pictures for those who aren’t quite up to date with technology (i.e. don’t have Instagram).

Stay tuned..!


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