Are we there yet?

Cairn’s artificial beach was convenient to have for when temperatures would reach a sweaty 30 degrees but we were tired of fake sand and French speaking tourists. So, we headed further north in search of more secluded beaches.

Next stop: Palm Cove or at least that’s where we had planned on going…
After numerous sharp twists and turns, we started to question whether or not we were going in the right direction. We then noticed that we were actually going up a mountain and the odds of there being a beach wherever we were heading to were quite slim. “Oh well”, we thought. “Small detour”.
After about 30 minutes of rally-like driving, we finally arrived in a village called Kuranda. The lady at the visitor center laughed at us because our ‘small detour’ was actually more than 30 km long. I directly asked her what there was to do for FREE but apparently there was no need, she had already guessed it. Was it our 3-day-without-a-shower stench that gave us away? Or maybe it was our van that has flowers and “Hippie Camper” written all over it?
We then proceeded to Barron Falls (the first Free activity on the list) where we took a short trail through the rainforest.
As you can see in the picture above, our 30km mistake was well worth it.
Unfortunately there was not much else to do as the village shops and markets closed early, leaving the village deserted with only the sounds coming from the nearby rainforest to keep it alive. 
Poetic, right? I know. I know. 
…but Mathieu and I did not feel like exploring the rainforest after dark, with all the spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlers. No, no, we decided to try our luck for another type of nightlife down in our original destination. 
Back to Palm Cove…. hope we get take the right road this time! 

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