Bagels, Bagels and more Bagels

If you are just waking up from a wild night out in Paris or even just looking for a casual lunch date or brunch with the family then I recommend taking a bite at one of Paris’s many bagel joints. Paris seems to be sprawling with them and its the best deal when you are looking for a hip, relatively cheap, and appetizing place to eat. Now, how to choose when there are so many?! I have to be honest, I haven’t tried them all but here a few of my favorites..

1. Bagelstein: They have many locations throughout Paris so you are sure to find one near you. The prices are relatively cheap (ranging from 6 to 8 euros depending on whether you get a menu or not). If you go here, be sure to try the Leontine with Philadelphia cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumbers and onions. If you decide to spring for the menu then grab a cookie, they are delicious and Texas-size! The decor is also amusing as it is filled with amusing little sayings all over the wall. This place will definitely win you over. 
2. Factory & Co: Now if you are looking for something a little fancier then I would suggest this place. The menus are a little pricier than Bagelstein but the desserts vary from key lime pie to oreo cookie cake! Although there are only two in Paris, one is Bercy Village so you can eat a bagel and then catch a flick! 
Happy Bagel-ing! 

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