Britishisms 101

Put down the English translation book and put away your class notes because the only English you need to know when visiting is listed here. If English or “American” is your native tongue then forget all that you know and learn the new meaning to words like ‘bird’ and ‘fit’.

Cheeky- slightly inappropriate/insolent
Bird- girl
Love/darling- used for anyone (strangers included)
Fancy- like
Taking the piss out of someone/something- making fun of someone/something
Rude boy- lawless urban youth
My size- usually said by rude boys to mean that the person would like to do sexual things with you
Innit- contraction of isn’t it (replaced by sort of)
Mate- friend
Muppet/numpty/twit- stupid person
Proper- appropriate
Row- argument
Shag- sex
Skint- broke
Sussed- to work or figure out
Bloody- an intensifier
Right- really
Well- very
Bollocks to it- probably won’t bother with it anymore
Faff- to differ
Getting off with- making out with
Naff- something that isn’t very good
Nicked- stolen
Sod off- piss off
Ta- thank you (Northern England term)
Wanker- another word for idiot

Ok, enough bloody faffing…I’ll go get ready for work now, ta love!


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