Bruges not Bruxelles

As we finished our lunch and headed towards the car, I was informed that there was yet another trip to be taken before heading back to Paris. As we started driving, the GPS gave away the location. 
Next surprise stop: Bruges!

I had no idea what was in store for I had never heard of the place but I was told it was “the Venice of the North”…

I was not disappointed. 

The city centre was full of pedestrians waliking on stone paths lined with shops and restaurants. Of course we had to make a few little stops for Belgian beer and the well-known Belgian fries. 

Then we continued to visit the Christmas markets and art galleries along the way. We had intended on taking a boat ride through the city as well but the 2 hour line discouraged us. 

As night began to fell we treated ourselves to a gauffre and a hot chocolate before heading back to Paris.

Though the day was short, the few hours spent in Bruges was well worth the detour. It’s charm would sweep any girl off her feet! 

Kikoo from Bruges…!

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