Brunch with the Family

Today when I woke up, after a rather uneventful friday night, I was invited to go to Mama Shelter–a hip restaurant/hotel in the 20th, to dine with my boyfriend and cousins.
The menu averages from 12-30 for a pizza, cheeseburger, fish or plat du jour. Although the menu is appetizing, its the decor that you pay for. There are sofas, and chairs with long low tables. The ceiling is a chalkboard with various phrases and designs. In the bathroom…yes, the bathroom, you look up only to be entertained for when I went I saw a tv screen that was playing the movie Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard. If you get bored, you can always go play a round of table football, (a game where more than 6 can play on this XL version).

If you are ever in the neighborhood, I suggest you stop here.
Don’t miss out on the Cheeseburger, with a cafe gourmand for dessert..!


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