Colca to Cusco

Sweaty backs, mosquito bites, sore feet with blisters was how our Colca Canyon trek ended though I would do it all over if I had the chance. We finished the trek early, had breakfast and then went to a couple viewpoints for pictures. Along the way cows blocked the road as well as a family of llamas, sheep and goats. (This reminded me of when I was in Australia and witnessed kangaroo crossings).

We stopped to take a few pictures of what I like to call my family members and continued on for a few hours in the nearby hot springs. 
We also drove to a few viewpoints on our way back to Arequipa. 

All in all a much needed and well deserved calm day leaving Colca with only the bandages and aloe vera left from a grueling three day hike (not to mention my first sunburn that would leave my skin sensitive for several days). 
We quickly rushed back to the hostel to pick up our things and took a taxi to the bus station for Cusco. We had a ten hour bus ride to look forward to which ended up being fifteen hours… 
tell you why in the next episode! 

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