Day one in Colca

Waking up at 3 am was a bit tough but the rest of the day made it all worth it. 

We started out by a three hour bus ride into the early morning light, arriving in Cabanaconde for breakfast. 
We then went to a spot to view condors. 
(Look! We found a few and you can spot one on the picture if you look closely!) 
The rest of the day was hike hike hike from 3500m to a low 2100, viewing condors on the way and arriving at a lodge with hot springs around five in the afternoon. 
Words can only define so much of the view we had…

This is where we landed for the night…

A few beers and much rest was needed after our hike and the hot springs was the only way to do so under the thin desert air.

The pain in my feet and legs quickly disappeared as I emerged in 40 degree hot springs with the view that would take anyone’s breath away. 

All that was left was dinner with a view and sleep to look forward to. The next day would be a two hour hike uphill and another 2 flag with the final 3 downhill. 
Ouch…I could already feel the sun beaming down and the blisters on my feet. 
Day two coming up in a few! 

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