Day three in Colca

It was 4:30 a.m. and we had already pressed the snooze button three times. We had gone to bed early like all nights on our trek but the two previous day’s had worn us out. We had already gone down then up and then back down the canyon and the three hour and 1300m walk upwards was not something we were looking forward to. 

I was also covered in mosquito bites at this point because if there was only one mosquito in the whole of Colca Canyon, you can bet it would have found me. David couldn’t be more thrilled for I’ll wake up with twenty bites and he zero. 
“I brought you to Peru to be my mosquito repellent”, as he likes to say. 
Thanks, David. 

With our backpacks ready to go and our sore feet we managed to make our way to breakfast with our tiny flashlight, dragging our feet like children who didn’t want to go to school in the morning. 
Our guide and Valerio the dog were chipper as usual as if they had gone to a spa the day before. 

As we walked up the canyon at a slow pace, people who paid 50 soles passed us on mules while we struggled upwards drenched in sweat. 

This is a picture from the day before about halfway up the canyon. 
Breathtaking, no?
I agree though as breathtaking as the view is I can guarantee you that walking up the second deepest canyon in the world literally leaves you breathless when you walk up it. 
The view at the top however…well, that makes it all worth it. 
Then it was an easy 15 min walk back for breakfast. (Breakfast–now that was the real motivation for me to walk up the canyon). 
And the view? Well, even on the way back it was hard to pay attention to where I was going when I had this view to look at…

and well, the view at breakfast wasn’t too shabby either….
Now it was time for a bus ride back to Arequipa with a couple stops on the way!
Stay tuned for the llamas and hot springs! 


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