Day two in Colca

We woke up bright and early at 6 am to start our day under the blistering heat. The day before I forgot to put sunscreen so this time I lathered my skin in white in order to prevent another burn. 

Two hours of our hike was uphill with Valerio the dog that followed us from Cabanaconde. 

Three hours later we ran out of water and we still had another 5 hours ahead of us. Hike hike hike until we finally saw the oasis that was waiting for us at the bottom of the canyon. 
Almost there…! 
We could already taste the beer as we bathed in the swimming pools but we wouldn’t reach the Oasis until a few hours later.

Once again, well worth the wait. We met a few people at the oasis as well that were able to give us plenty of recommendations for the rest of our trip. We drank and swam as planned but we made sure to go to bed early as the next day we would have to go up 1300m. 
It was rest rest rest for the grueling walk up the next day was only a few hours away.
Not looking forward to day three. 


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