Don’t Mess with Texas

Its been awhile (two months to be precise) since I have found the time to update the blog.

No, unfortunately I have not been scuba diving in Airlie beach or surfing in Noosa. No those times are over, for now at least, but I did go to Texas to freshen up on my gun skills. 
I went to the other side of the pond for a week to catch up on a year’s worth of being away from my friends and family back home. However, this time I was not alone for my other half was along for the ride. 
Although I was never raised as your stereotypical American girl for the Peruvian mom and French dad never allowed it, I made sure we completed all the cliché ‘things to do’.
Number one on the list…
1. Eat donuts (and I am not talking about the ones from Dunkin’ Donuts but the local hole in the wall that cars stop by every morning before going to work)
Here was the rest of the list:
2. Grab a slurpee at a 7 eleven
3. Eat fast food (at least once)
4. Ride in the back of a pick-up truck
5. Go through the Starbucks drive-thru (these don’t exist in Paris)
6. Go to a hip-hop concert
7. Dress up for Halloween (but not as anything scary because then that just wouldn’t be the American way of doing things)
8. …
And the list went on.
True, I could have been a bit more creative with my list but like I said, I am not a real American girl so my list was limited to stereotypes I heard from people I knew or things I would find in movies. 
Ultimately, the stay was too short as always. I was filled in on all the family drama and I was able to ride my cruiser under the sun in the thick Houston air. Then, nine days later, back on a plane we went only to be encountered with rain and 10 degree celsius weather. 
…and that was just the wake up call we needed to help us realize no, we are not done with school, it is back to work we go with the added bonus that it is winter in Paris. 
Here we go again..!

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