Lets take a break from the land of bread cheese and cigarettes to go to a place where Guinness is considered a meal…

Dublin, off we go…!

The night we arrived…

We arrived in the late afternoon and of course, our first stop after having met up with my friend who lives in Dublin was at a local pub called Wheelans. “Cheers Dublin”….!

Day One

First stop: Harcourt street, on our way for coffee and a muffin.
Then on our way we went down Graffton street only to label ourselves as tourists when we walked in the Dublin Disney shop. This pictures makes more sense when you know that we watched Monsters Inc. just a few days before going to Dublin.
Music and leprechauns can be spotted here..!
Of course we had to vandalize the city a bit with Marzattack! stickers… Can you spot them all?
 Strolling in Temple Bar…
 A few stops along the way in some of our favorite stores (not found in Paris) as well as some original Fish in Chips…!
 Our schedule was wide open for the day so we decided to stop at a few touristy stops first such as Trinity College so to see the library as well as the Book of Kells….

 Day Two

Day two was a bit improvised as we missed the bus we wanted to take in order to go to the mountains of Wicklow. Instead, we walked in the Guinness neighborhood (yes, its an entire neighborhood) and stopped by the Guinness factory. We went through the building shaped like the famous drink’s glass and learned all the different steps and ingredients used to make this ruby drink. 
Our treat at the end was to sip on a pint of Guinnes in the Gravity bar, a bar that has a 360 degree view of Dublin…!

We ended the evening by walking more around the city, looking into all its nooks and crannies as well as trying to find a pub to have a drink in. (In Ireland, instead of having a sip of tea before bedtime they have a pint of Guinness…!)
Day Three
Our third day was a walk through the Wicklow mountains in Glendalough (about an hour and a half bus ride from Dublin)…
Unfortunately, we only stayed four days in Dublin but we loved every minute of it…! 
Stay tuned for the next adventure….

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