Fern Hideaway Resort

Today, after a short hike and picnic on top of Mt. Archer, we drove up to Byfield National Park for the day.

After a 50 km drive, we stopped by Nob Creek Pottery on our way to the park to check out handmade pottery done by local artists. There were many nice pieces as well as a small house with plenty of paintings out back. All the pottery we saw was either made there by the artists who live on the site or by other local artists near by. Unfortunately we couldn’t buy anything because the art itself was a bit pricey but it was definitely worth the stop. 
Then, we ventured on and stopped at The Fern Hideaway Resort to check out a possible campsite for the night. Upon entering the resort, we saw a kangaroo cross the road. Afterwards, Mathieu was driving at 2mph with his camera in his hand ready to film anything he saw moving. 
Upon arriving at the camp grounds, we immediately fell in love with the wallabies we saw all over. We parked the car, and walked a bit to check the place out before making a decision though we were already leaning towards yes just because of the wallabies we had seen jumping around. 
A little further up the path we found a tennis court, a pool (complete with a jacuzzi), a basketball hoop, and another path that led to the creek where we could go canoeing. At this point no more questions needed to be asked. We were staying. 
We started off by heading to the creek after we found paddles for a bit of canoeing. Then, we stopped by a cabin where we tried to chop wood (tried and failed that is) and walked back to play a bit of tennis and basketball before it was too dark. 
Now, we are making easy Mac (for the 100th time) for dinner before we head over to the jacuzzi. (Oh, how we miss home cooked meals– those preferably done by Mathieu’s mom). 
Later on in the night, we might even sneak into a cabin so that I can recharge my camera battery. 
For now we haven’t paid anything and we are hoping that if we leave early enough in the morning we won’t have to. Money is tight so we need to save anything we can for gas and food though we both agreed that if we ended up paying, it would have been worth it. 
The easy Mac is done now and the noises coming from my stomach are telling me to go eat. 
I’ll be sure to update the blog tomorrow with more of our Australian adventures!

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