Fiesta in Arequipa

After a few hours checking different travel agencies, we managed to find a three day and two night trek in Colca Canyon but it wasn’t until Sunday which meant we had all night to party and Saturday to rest before waking up at 3 am for our trek. 

So Friday night we choose a fancy restaurant and ordered pisco sour with alpaca meat for the main course. After dinner we met up with a french man named Thomas that we met at the hostel. His Peruvian girlfriend took us to a bar with local music and we spent the rest of the night dancing in the heat of the night. 
It was a hard Saturday morning waking up with a headache in 40 degree dry weather and the honks of cars in the street. The rest of Saturday morning was spent lounging around until mid afternoon where we went on a short walk  that took us outside the city to see El Misti. The summer sky filled with shades of purple and pink as we walked back to our hostel, grabbing a local dish on the way back. 
It was dodo time as we had to get a good nights rest for the next day… 
Next up Colca Canyon! 

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