From coast to coast

This morning we woke quite early to hit the road. Luckily we did not have to pay the campsite we stayed at last night for there was no one at the front office. Another dollar saved…! Then we made a quick stop at the Capricorn caves for a cup of coffee before venturing off on Bruce Highway for another 300km.

Today’s direction was away from the Capricorn coast and towards the Whitsunday coast where the Great Barrier Reef lies along with white sandy beaches and bars that line up the marina. Along the way we saw a family of kangaroos cross the road but unfortunately we weren’t fast enough to catch them on film. We also saw plenty of roadkill which was a rather unpleasant sight while crossing a forest of Eucalyptus plants. (Mathieu was a bit jealous for I saw a couple koalas up in the trees.)

After a few hundred kilometers we stopped at a ice cream store for a snack and a rest. Luckily I get to take naps during the drive but Mathieu has to stay alert. Along the road there are several rest stops with signs that say “rest or r.i.p” and “take a rest and survive”. There are also trivia games with questions about Australia and the region that help drivers stay alert. Mathieu did not have much trouble driving on the left side until today where he turned onto the highway twice with oncoming traffic. The second time, a huge truck chased us down the street while Mathieu anxiously attempted to accelerate in reverse. The driver finally stopped and asked us if we were ok and then told us to make sure we drive on the left side of the road. Thanks, we got that. The event certainly shook us up but I think Mathieu learned his lesson. (Don’t worry parents we’ll get home alive and safe). 
Now we are in the small town of Mackay at an Italian restaurant drinking white wine that tastes like bell peppers and smells like tomato vines and red Shiraz that tastes like olives. Strange, but surprisingly tasty. We also ordered olives but they came hot which is a bit odd.. 
Not much to do here according to our guide so we’ll most likely head for the coast in the morning though we might visit a sugar plantation for while driving we passed extensive fields of sugar crops. 
Tonight we’ll eat along the marina after we find a place to park the car. 
Thats all for now, see you next time for another episode of Mathieu and Laura in Australia..!

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