Girl Gone London

I know a couple people who have been over the pond to visit and have now been debating going to graduate school here or taking the year to become a Londoner.
London is full of possibilities. Whether you are here for school, to start a business, acting or just to drink tea and eat crumpets all day, there is a place for you and I assure you that you will never have a dull moment.

However, there are a few things you need to get used to when you live in London.

1. Eating beans for breakfast.
2. Everyone will think you are flirting with them. If this happens, just smile and say, “no, I am not flirting, I’m just American.” This actually goes down quite well.
3. Marmite. Apparently it’s a thing and it’s revolting…but then you get used to it.
4. No late night kebab shops open so get used to fried chicken shops or ‘pigeon shops’.
5. Tea is like water.
6. Don’t think English men go to bars in suits and act civilised. They get hammered by about 8 o’clock and then sing pub songs until close.
7. English men do not know how to flirt. Luckily, the chance of you meeting a proper Londoner are slim as everyone you will meet is typically either a foreigner or from elsewhere in the UK.
8. You must queue up for absolutely everything, and you’ll be shunned if you don’t.
9. Travel costs an arm and a leg. Get yourself a bicycle.
10. Rent is pricey unless you live with a boyfriend/girlfriend or are apart of Live In Guardians.
11. You put trash, (I mean, rubbish) in a bin that are nowhere to be found.
12. You won’t have a day off for Thanksgiving.
13. Pork has applesauce on it.
14. No more brunch. It is all about Sunday roasts.
15. You can’t just order a beer. You must specify if you’d like a lager, ale or stout.
16. People look at you funny if you don’t drink.
17. I think it is safe to say the majority of people are alcoholics.
18. Taxi drivers have no soul.
19. Bus drivers will run you over.
20. Please and thank yous are obligatory.

If you can deal with all of that then I’d say welcome to London, mate.


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