Happy Birthday

Most people stop celebrating their birthday after a certain age as if trying to stop time from giving us wrinkles while others toast one more year with a glass of champagne. 

Today, I had the chance to celebrate not only my big brother’s birthday but also my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday. 

After a long night of partying, I went home with friends and rushed to the phone in order to catch my brother before he had one too many tequila shots. We all sang him happy birthday 7,000 km away and toasted to his 29 years! Even though I don’t get to see him often with the rather large pond between us, he will always be my big brother who used to play Barbies vs. Legos with me late at night when we should have been tucked in bed. 
For Cosa, my boyfriends mother, we had tea and a galette des rois (a French tradition every 5th of January), along with champagne and the warmth of family. It’s always a pleasure to be able to celebrate with the people you are closest to.
So, raise your glasses for Cosa, and Emmanuel…! Plenty of birthday hugs and kisses to you both. 


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