Upon arriving to Ica we went directly to Huacachina to find a hostel for the night. 

Today, we took a buggy ride in the sand dunes and sand boarded down. 
Yes, apparently sand boarding exists and when I thought about what I would do in Peru, I had never expected to do this. 
I’ll admit I was a bit scared…but felt reassured by how confident the driver was speeding across the sand. 
When it was time to go down the dunes with the sand board he asked me if I wanted to go down with my feet or by holding the board and laying down. The answer was obvious. Having never even tried to snowboard, I wasn’t about to learn in 30 degree weather. Breaking a leg this early in the trip would be quite a shame. Maybe next time! 

Now we are safe and sound waiting for a bus to take us to Nazca to see the Nazca lines. It’s on to the next city! 


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