Hydroelectrica to Aguas Caliente

Two hour hike? Psh easy peesy. After Colca my legs were used to the long hours and if anything my legs were begging to be used a bit after sitting in a bus for nearly 9 hours. 

Before we, the “french gang” started our hike, we watched as the group split between the backpackers and everyone else. In other words those who had money to spend a bit more on luxury and those who either didn’t or knew that you didn’t have to pay to get to Aguas Caliente. So, just so you know, you don’t have to take the most expensive train in the world that is either owned by the Swiss or the English (we heard both). No no you can walk along the train tracks and arrive in Aguas Caliente (granted a bit sweaty and in our case a bit wet from the rain as well).
(Wave “hello” to the rich!) 

(“Um, which way now?”) 

In the end we arrived in Aguas Caliente, ate dinner and slept at a hole in the wall hostel that had one powerful stream of either ice cold water or searing hot water. Not to mention the two foot gap we had between the top of the door and the ceiling so to better hear everyone in the street I’m sure. Though at least we knew that if we lost our key I could fit between the gap to open the door for us. 
Ok, so we weren’t staying at a 5 star hotel but we didn’t mind. Far from it because in our minds it had all of the backpackers necessities; bed, wifi, and central location. 
(Unfortunately we arrived at night so I wasn’t able to take any good quality pictures).
We also took a short walk in the city before going to a much needed nap in order to prepare for the 2,700 steps that were awaiting us in the morning. 
Machu Picchu–hear we come! 

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