I did it again

I’m quickly realizing how inconsistent I am with these blog posts though finding Internet whilst traveling and keeping up with it is a bit difficult at times. I will however try to do a better job this time because yes, you guessed it, I’m off again and this time to Peru. I’ve decided to write a post at least once every couple of days otherwise I’m worried you’ll think I was kidnapped or the even more probable alternative–eaten alive by a llama (I heard that happens). 

Intinerary? None. 
Now, before you shake your head and say it’s irresponsible it’s also or at least in my opinion the best way to travel. There is a rough plan to travel down the coast and then go into Arequipa and Cuzco before heading up Norh in the forest. 
How long and where will we stay? Well, your guess is good as mine but it makes the adventure all that more exciting (and most likely makes my parents worry that much more). 
First stop is Lima to spend time with family (most of which I haven’t seen in over 15 years). As the capital, it’s the best place to start and also a chance to speak with locals that can give us advice on where to go next. 

So after a layover in Miami whose 30 degree Celsius weather suffocated me as I walked outside for a bit of air, the 21 day countdown in Peru starts in a few hours as soon as set foot in Alpaca land. 

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