Just Stop

I would like for you to stop what you are doing.

Turn off that background noise that you most likely do not notice anymore: the TV. Turn off the music you bob your head to while surfing the net and stop reading those pointless magazines that suck you into someone else’s non-important life. 
Stop it all and just breath. 
Listen to the silence for once. No matter what we are doing, we usually have some sort of background noise as if we cannot stand the silence. The problem with big cities today is that we are so consumed with our work, school, boyfriends/girlfriends, that we just do not take the time to think of ourselves. Migraines? Those are from stress. Body aches? Stress. Most of us just take aspirin and continue on with what we were doing but that is not the solution. Relax. Lay down with a cup of hot tea or cuddle up with a book. Why not just take a long bath? Try meditating. We get caught up with all of those day to day activities that we forget how to just stop it all and listen to ourselves. 
Get to know your body because it is the only one you have. 
Recently, I took up a “Body Maintenance” class. It is the smartest idea I have had since I started school. In class we learn how to get to know our bodies through massage, stretching, meditation and then how to respond to it when needed. 
This is my advice to you: turn off all the external elements that consume your life and listen to yourself. Everyone needs a bit of “me” time and trust me when I say, your body will thank you afterwards. 
That’s enough rant for one day. 
Hope it helps. 

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