Legal Squatting

One month on the couch. Two and a half weeks on a different couch. Eight months in a double room. Three weeks in a sub let room. 

I’ve lived out of a backpack these past eight years that couch surfing is now the only way I know how to live. When I heard a room was freeing up in a household that is apart of Live In Guardians, I could not refuse. Plus, there was the added benefit that I would be living with the people I hang out with…basically any day I have off. 
Live In Guardians is a bit like living in a commune. The buildings are always in zone one and are abandoned. They range from schools, office buildings, co-working spaces, and so on. This means you need to be prepared to live a bit rough as the place you could end up living will most likely have broken windows, walls, torn up carpet and just plain dirty. Fortunately, the boys I am living with have been here for quite awhile so they managed to get the place fixed up. It also means we get to do things like tear down walls and build new ones. 
Why do we do it? Well as these places are up for sale, they need people to guard the areas from squatters which technically now makes us legal squatters. The rent is cheap, always in zone one, and if you don’t mind the living conditions then why not? 
In my case it is only temporary. London will soon be checked off the list as I am moving off to another part of the world. 
In the meantime, I get to live with an actor (who is quite often off gallivanting for his shoots in different parts of the world), a musician (who is apart of a wicked band and gets to tour in the UK), a composer who writes the music for tv and film, and my closest friend who puts up with my silliness. 
It’s not a bad deal. A year or so of struggling and moving from room to room only to land on my feet. I cannot complain.

Also, we watch Peep Show, have poker nights or spend the night trying to get a table tennis table we found outside into our living room all the while playing with passerbys. Now that is living.


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