Let’s talk about Dating

Living in a big city can be hard to meet people. We’re constantly rushing into one another, trying to keep up with the pace that we never have time to stop and talk. 
There are 168 hours in a week. Forty eight of those hours are spent sleeping. I work 45-48hrs per week. Twelve to fifteen hours are now spent at school. 
Even if I have two full days off, that doesn’t give me much time to do anything. I’m lucky if I have time wash my clothes. 
I know am terrible at math but from that calculation it is evident that I do not have the time to date. 
Sorry boys but my free time is spent. 
The only time we meet people are now either through those we already know, or from the those mundane events where we casually talk to the person next to us. 
The other night after a ten hour shift, I rushed in the night bus and just as I was about to tap my oyster on the reader, I hear, “wait, can I give you my business card?” 
At 2 o’clock in the morning on a Thursday night, you quickly comprehend that the type of business he would like to discuss is not of “Business Consulting” as stated on his business card. 
If there is anything to be said, it’s that I have to applaud the level of marketing. 
Are we so out of touch that we now have to communicate through business cards if not through online dating apps or social media? 
Living in the start-up center hub of London, I can comprehend the interaction but still. 
I guess I’m still far behind my time because I still think it’s possible to interact with each other by doing that one thing few of us know how to do anymore—talk. 
We’ll see how far I get as I am constantly told to start dating apps like Tinder but although it might be labeled as “old fashioned”, I’d rather meet a person organically. 

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