Letting Go

There is a time where you ask yourself whether to hold on to someone or something any longer. That moment of reflection decides how you are going to go on with your life. I think that as long as it doesn’t impede you from living your life, there is no reason to let it go… though at times, it might be best to move on.
I crossed that point many times and I have always come to the same conclusion. No. I won’t let go because letting go of this particular thing would be like letting go of apart of myself. In a way, I have let it go, in order for me to continue my life. I let it go the way you would a bad test grade, but that bad grade is still there, pushing you to do better next time. Despite this, it is still in my heart and I have a feeling it always will be. Label it how you want but there are some things you just know, that you just feel. This isn’t a childish dream I am trying to make come true, it’s a reality. A reality that I work towards everyday. Even if one day it doesn’t work out, at least I would have done everything in my power to make it possible. I won’t have any regrets because after all, I am still living my life the only way I know how…


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