Machu Picchu

4:30 am, one coffee, and pouring rain

That was how our day started as we tried to find the energy for the 2,700 steps that were awaiting us.
It took us 20 min to get from Agua Calientes to the bridge that led us to 50 minutes of uneven steps and ever-changing views. The boys raced up, each competing with one another while we (the two girls of the gang) took our time and paced ourselves.

As we arrived, huge crowds of people flooded from buses and lined up to get in as quickly as they could. We squinted through the masses and looked for our guide who looked as fresh as a daisy while we were hydrating and wiping our sweat and tears off.
The day was followed by a 2 hour tour in a language that was neither English nor Spanish where all the content was clearly taken from a Wiki page.

We clearly didn’t mind… for we were stuck between the fog and the mountains. 

Just one group shot of our French gang…

and one with a llama just because.

4hrs later it was time to go–3 pounds lighter from the walk up, a whole lot sweatier and a stamp in both passports to prove that I had been there. Then it was 30 min back down to Aguas Caliente for a beer and a sandwich before the long 2 hour walk back to our bus which took us back to Cuzco. 

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