A bit of sun, two hours of rain, a bit more sunshine, more rain, wind, and then clouds. That is London summer for you. 

This year we were blessed with a full day of sunshine and then the following day it rained. That was it. That’s how long our summer lasted. One day. 
That’s why spending ten days with my aunts, parents, and grandfather in Spain is a blessing. Temperatures are at 30 degrees in the shade, all day which isn’t too hot considering that the beach is nearby. 
On the beach, feet in the sand, with dips in the water is all I’ll be doing for the next couple of days. (Along with eating jamon con melon, gazpacho, and tapas). 
Good news is I’ll be able to fly over to Almeria at anytime during the year now that my parents bought a home here. 
…and there is always an excuse to go to Spain. 
That’s all for now, folks. 
Meet you on the beach…! 
🇪🇸 😎✌️


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