Manneken Pis

Our last day in Bruxelles started in the wee hours of the morning with a hot coffee and a croissant. Next, we walked through the quiet town in search of the Manneken Pis. It was not a difficult find with all the tourists in front taking picturing and posing with the little pissing boy. However, I have to admit that our guide was correct in that it was “the most disappointing tourist attraction in Europe”. 

However, I did like the pissing pacman that the well-known grafitti artist “Space Invader” added near the little boy. 
What’s so special about this tourist attraction that attracts a crowd similar to one found around the Mona Lisa? 
There are many legends around the Manneken Pis with one of them being about a little boy who pissed on a flame that would have burned down the entire city. Another one tells the tale of a rich gentlemen who lost his son and found him in this position. No idea which one is true but it’s more entertaining to read the legends than actually visit the statue. 
Next, we continued to visit the city by walking through narrow alleys and stopping at a store every now and then. Unfortunately few stores were open but the sunrise brought just enough light to wander in and out of the neighborhoods hand in hand, not caring if we get lost. 
Once the sun was up, our grumbling stomachs changed our route towards the nearest supermarket for a quick and cheap meal. 
Then, after satisfying our hunger, we walked towards the car and I was informed that our stay in Bruxelles would be cut short as there was a surprise in store! 
Hmm…where to next? 

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