Mister Modo and Ugly Mac Beer

Concert with Mister Modo, Ugly Mac beer ft. Jessica Fitoussi

The nights you spend out in the streets of Paris with close friends and no plans, end up being the foremost nights. This night we were hanging out, not knowing where the night would take us and heavy black clouds, air thick with spring rain, brought us to Barbes where we went to a concert featuring Mister Modo, Ugly Mac beer and Jessica Fitoussi. There weren’t that many people there so no crowd pushing, shirt drenching, and beer spilling. Although I have had a lovely nights being squished into other people with beer and sweat on my shirt, the nights that are unplanned and spacious are a pleasant change.

The night took us for a ride when Jessica Fitoussi took the stage and the audience with her powerful voice that fills the stage, and the hearts of all that attended. When the song ‘Not Afraid’ came on, all that knew the song yelled out the title, which was much appreciated by the artist himself. I am sure that there is an ego trip involved with that…
Overall, top-notch night for lack of finer words.

Though Mister Modo isn’t the most well-known artist it is worth a listen.


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