We arrived in Nazca two days ago, spent the night in a hostel for 15 soles and woke up early the next morning to fly over the Nazca lines. 

The flight lasted only 35 min but when you tip from side to side very 5 min, your stomach begins to feel a bit queasy. At first I thought I was the only one who felt a bit airsick but when we got out of the plane, everyone said they felt a bit sick towards the end.  
After the Nazca lines we took a bus to go directly to Arequipa. The ten hour bus ride got us to the city at around midnight where we took a taxi directly to a hostel.
Today, in Arequipa, we roamed around checking out the local sights and tour guide offices along the way. David laughed about how I was not only his mosquito repellent but also his tour guy repellent for people think that I’m a local here so they don’t bother us like all the other tourists. It’s quite the opposite here from my time in Australia where no one would speak to me thinking that the tall blonde guy I was with was the English speaker. Here, they speak English to David and then speak Spanish to me. 
We have been lucky thus far with taxi drivers and hostels. No one has tried to charge us an outrageous rate for rides or hostels except for the other night when we were going to our hostel, a fellow taxi driver was telling our taxi driver to charge us 20 soles. Just when I was about to contest the price, they lowered it down to a fair ten. What I love about Peru is that everything is negotiable and there are so many options and people willing to drive you around that all you have to do is shake your head and go the next person until you find the lowest price possible. 
Now we are on the rooftop of our hostel waiting for our clothes to dry and drinking beers until the sun sets. There are worse places I could be right now…
thinking of all of you who are in Paris wearing sweaters and scarves! 
Cheers to you while I sun bathe! 

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