On the road

After a few weeks in Brisbane, Australia, we checked off a couple things we wanted to do/see whilst here; 

1. Spot kangaroos 
2. Search for koalas
3. Find a job (I found one at Esquire, a 3 chef hat fine-dining restaurant
4. Get stranded on an island 
5. Rent a room
Number 6 was rent a van… and after three weeks in an industrial city we found it was time to get a movin’. 
First stop: Noosa
We’ve been here a couple of days already and so far we have just been bathing in the sun and dipping ourselves in the cool water. I must remind you it is winter here yet everyone is surfing in the beach and tanning in the sun. 
Huh, if only I could do that in Parisian winter! 
Today after having freshly squeezed orange juice and hot coffee we are heading back to the waves for a bit of one on the board (the surfboard that is). Afterwards we are going koala and dolphin spotting in the Noosa National forest. 
Time to surf the waves… or at least try!

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