One Looong Night

Ok. Lets face it. Thursday night is party night for students. Its the day when we tell ourselves that it isn’t quite the weekend yet but since it will be at midnight, why not go out? You’ll notice that most after-work or student nights are on this night which is no coincidence. Plus, you get the added benefit of having one extra day to go out as well as one extra day to recover from a night of partying.

So, like every other student who wishes to start the weekend a bit earlier, I went out to a bar in republique called Paname. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have gone out if my boyfriend hadn’t been mixing though with free drinks from the bar (because I kept saying that they were for the djs) and funk/new disco/house music in the background, I wasn’t disappointed. 
On the right, a bit of pre-mixing before the night commences

The only downside was circulation as with over 200 attendees, there was not much room to breath but the place cleared up when people left to grab the last metro at 1 in the morning. We however, and a few other friends decided to stay a bit longer until our other friend finished his set. At around 2 in the morning, we decided to go to an after party at a bar in Parmentier and after that bar officially closed down, the night didn’t stop there! There was yet another after-party after the after-party when we headed to a warehouse nearby. 

A bit of music, a bit of alcohol, dancing… the night was going well when all of a sudden, a friend of mine pulls me from the conversation I was having to tell me something was wrong. I turn around to find my boyfriend and another man we had just met that night getting into a heated argument. The others at the party were trying to pull them apart when I finally intervened. I grabbed my things and his, and we headed outside, confused and upset over the confrontation. I was still in shock to see that he had gotten into an argument period for he, like me, avoids all sorts of confrontation. Apparently the argument started when the other man tore Mathieu’s shirt pocket for no reason… I, who had noticed the man as soon as we walked in, had told Mathieu earlier in the night that I had a strange vibe from him and that we should probably leave. In the end we did, just not the way we had previously pictured though at least we had a story to tell the next day. No one was hurt, except for the pocket from Mathieu’s t-shirt so all in all no harm was done… but the night didn’t stop there. 
By this point, it was already 4 in the morning but as I didn’t have school the next day, I was up to continue the night as long as there wasn’t another fight. Plus, we didn’t want to end the night on a bad note so we decided to go to Le Divan du Monde, a club on the Grands Boulevard that was supposed to be closed but since we had friends who knew the owners, we went to yet another after party after the after after party we had just gone to. We stayed a few hours and then finally went home famished from a night of partying. After failing to find anything open, we made pasta at home and then immediately fell asleep. Mathieu had originally wanted to stay awake for he had class in an hour but ended up passing out in his clothes next to me…
Ah, youth. 

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