O.k., lets settle this, shall we?

There has been much talk lately about online dating and phone apps like Tinder. Personally, although people might think I am quite tech savvy, having a blog and all, I only just recently acquired a Facebook account as I note its value in the online business I am trying to create. Online dating? Not my cup of tea but that might be because I have never had trouble meeting people. I’ve either met people through those I hang out with, university, or jobs. Now, as I am no longer a student, am quite busy and rarely go out, I have noticed that I do meet quite fewer people than before but it has never posed a problem. 
A few close colleagues of mine are on online dating sites and apps. They are constantly dating and talking about those weird copy and paste conversations they have. Honestly, none of it appeals. We have been wrapped up in the virtual world to a point that we hide behind screens and technology to make conversation. When was the last time a person walked up to you and asked you out on a date? 
Contrarily, I am quite aware that nowadays people are mostly online (unfortunately so) and at times it is easier to meet a person this way than at a bar or in public. Perhaps you are in a constant routine and you only meet people at work or within a certain circle. Websites and apps allow you to cross paths with a person virtually that you might not have had a chance to meet otherwise. I just don’t prefer it but perhaps I’ll try it now that I have a Facebook account and can actually sign up for dating apps like Tinder or….perhaps not. 
I know I might appear to be a bit too critical and harsh but don’t get me wrong. An old roommate of mine signed up for an online dating site and she is currently living with the person and is most likely going to end up spending her life with him. Conclusion? These sites apparently do work and who knows… perhaps the next time you speak to someone on Tinder, they could be the one you end up marrying?

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