Palm Cove

As you can tell by the title of this post, our second time driving towards Palm Cove was the charm.

Palm Cove in three words? Fine-dining, resorts, and luxury. In my travel guide Palm Cove is described as “the St. Tropez of Cairn’s Northern Beaches” and with it’s top-notch restaurants and luxurious resorts along a spotless white-sand beach, that is how I would describe it as well. 
Now, you are probably wondering, what are a couple of backpackers who eat Easy-Mac all the time and who are constantly looking at the floor for coins* doing in St-Tropez? Honestly….not much but by the end of our two day stay, we became a couple of lazy, and demanding tourists…
It all started when we were looking for Internet. Up until now, we have had our eye out for a wireless connection in any cafe, restaurant, or bar. Failing in our search, we thought “hmm, why don’t we try the resorts”?
It just escalated from there…

                                Laura: “Honey, what are we doing today?”
                                Mathieu: “Let’s go to the resort with the fitness room.” 
Oh, yes. We tested them all from the 3 star to the 5. We never found a free wireless connection but we did find; various pools, fitness rooms, spas, bar/lounge areas, a private entrance to a resort from the beach (this one ended up being our favorite), and fancy toilets. (You know you are in a fancy toilet when every time you flush there is a perfume dispenser that sprays a flowery scent.) We were also able to charge up our various cameras, computers, etc. 
In order to comfort ourselves into thinking that we weren’t stealing, we thought back at a “Visitors are welcome” sign we saw at one of the resorts. 
Note to parents: No one went to jail or got into trouble during these technically illegal activities. 
After those exhausting two days lounging at the pool, and bathing in the sun on the palm-tree covered beach, we hesitantly decided to move further north to Port Douglas….
*We have found a total of 52 Australian dollars on the floor since the beginning of our trip. 

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