Lets refresh for a second;

Free campsites
Free shower
Free canoes 
Free satellite television 
Free electricity 
and now a free movie at the cinema. 
A few nights ago, at Mackay’s city center, we were trying to find a restaurant in our guide when we stopped by a cinema to check out prices and potential movies to see. The place looked deserted as no one was at the box office or the food and drink counter. Out of curiosity we wandered up the stairs and into a couple of rooms. The first room we walked into had a movie playing that we had already seen but no one was inside watching it. The second, had a handful of people waiting to see a movie so we sat down in the back row thinking there was no harm in seeing which movie was about to play. 
The movie ended up being about Liberace, a famous piano player, though I couldn’t tell you the name of the movie. I assume it was called quite simply “Liberace” but I can’t be sure. 
We had no idea what we were about to see and we fall upon the only movie that exists with Matt Damon as a young gay man who ends up being Liberace’s boy toy and eventual boyfriend. All we can say about the movie and these are exact words coming from Mathieu, not me… “Matt Damon has a great ass”. (I’m starting to wonder about Mathieu’s sexual orientation.)
After getting all hot and bothered with Matt Damon’s abs, we finished the night by eating ribs and a 250g steak on Mackay’s marina. 
The night then finished with a short walk on the promenade before heading off to count the sheep. 
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, zzzz…..

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