Rain, rain and more rain.

As you can guess with the title of this post, our weekend en amoureux isn’t as romantic as we would have liked with the rain but it’s always better than staying under the covers at home. 

We arrived last night around 8:00 pm at Grandma Bertie’s house and like a true grandmother from Britanny she made us her famous crêpes which was washed down by a bowl of cider. (Not quite Belgian-like, I know, but we did have a Leffe before dinner). Today, we went to Aunt Annick’s house who made us a lovely Italian meal before we went off to Bruxelles for the day. 
Unfortunately, we only arrived in Bruxelles  in the late afternoon but the terrible weather and timing did not stop us from visiting the city. We parked in the city center and headed off, umbrella in hand, to the shops. Belgian beer, gaufres, and chocolate everywhere we looked…! 
Then, after window shopping we had a ‘vin chaud’ while visiting the Christmas market. 
It was now off to the Grand Place we go to check out the nightly show with music and lights. 
Just as I was finishing my sentence on how awful the weather was to take a picture, speakers filled with music and colorful lights illuminated the buildings around us. 
Now, we are tasting the local Delirium beer (apprently elected as best beer in the world) at a café in the center. 
Tonight, a quiet evening is planned for dinner. Where to?! A surprise by my other half. (I’ll let you know if it was a thumbs up or thumbs down in my next post). Then, we will plunge into the night life at a local club we have heard much about called Fuse. Looks like I’ll have to slip into my dancing shoes tonight! 
More news to come from the rainy city of Bruxelles…!

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