Good evening London, it is midnight now and we have 5 hours to go before we take the bus to go to the airport. With a cup of tea in hand to toast our trip, we are going back through all of our worst and best 2015 moments. 
As far as my year went, I wouldn’t do anything any differently but I am undecided on whether I’d like to relive it. Contrarily to last year where I moved cities, and was told to start holding grudges instead of making up excuses for other peoples behaviour, this year is about letting go. Letting go of unfortunate situations, past conflicts, past loves. 
As we count the hours until we have to leave the flat, we are going down memory lane putting on songs that reflected moments in our year. 
Here is one of mine by Darwin Deez: 
I’d suggest this game to anyone though be warned… it might cause to spill secrets you’ve been hoarding during the year. 
Another year has gone by and things are looking up. 
Time to make the most of it..! 
Next up: Gallivanting in Berlin

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