Tonight I met up with an American compatriot I went to high school with and who I grew close to when we were both living in baguette land. Unfortunately my Italian wing-woman was a bit under the weather and went to catch a few zzzs whilst the now local and I went out. 

We walked through most of the city and noticed how the grass and concrete started to form ice where puddles were due to the below freezing temperatures. Finally, we arrived in an abandoned warehouse/flat where artists were busy working in their studios and an eclectic group of people were laying on couches talking or in the basement listening to the tunes of a local Berlinois dj. The age group was around 24-27 with too many trendy people for it to be labeled as a squat though essentially, it would be fitting to label it as such. 

A couple hours went by and I started to get a bit sleepy so, we headed back towards the hostel. On our way back, we went past a sort of cyber cafe for hackers. Inside, everyone was on a computer hacking away with other hackers and sipping coffee. Apparently there are workshops and other computer related activities that go on there but it’s mainly a hotspot for hackers. I was a bit surprised to witness them all behind computers in the center of the city hacking away at midnight but I guess there is no appropriately set time for that sort of thing. We then continued to the hostel, and I am now under the covers ready to get my beauty rest. 

Tomorrow, we’ll walk along the Berlin Wall and visit a couple landmarks.
Good night! 

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