Siesta and Lomo saltado

Yesterday after having a quick siesta in the afternoon we went back into town for a bit of last minute shopping. We then walked back to the hostel and played pool while waiting for my cousin to come pick us up for dinner. I had been looking forward to this dinner all day while David made fun of me for thinking about food all the time. Unfortunately Lima isn’t the city to distract you with decaying architecture and continuous honks from taxi drivers. 

Just on a side note–the drivers here are a bit kooky. I don’t know whether to feel safer being in a taxi or walking because in either case I have a high chance of getting into an accident. Stop signs? Street lights? Well, they have them, but it doesn’t seem like anyone respects them. The driving here can be best described as a live game of bumper cars with people acting as obstacles to avoid though if you run over one or two you probably won’t lose the game. 
Luckily I made it out alive though I’m nervous that this kind of driving isn’t limited to Lima or to taxi drivers. Sofia as she took us out was agreeing with how crazy drivers here were an immediately took a one way street the wrong way. Perhaps you need to be as crazy as everyone else in order to drive here?
We drove up to a restaurant right on the seaside with the sound of the water hitting the rocks with each wave in the background. We sat outside on the back patio with pisco cocktails and numerous traditional Peruvian dishes such as ceciche, lomo saltado… the night continued with pisco sour and a digestif made with anis. It was one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to and by far the best welcome meals I’ve ever had. 
Today our plans consist of taking a bus to Ica and finding a place to rest our head for the night. Not sure what we will do once we get there but as an oasis in the middle of coastal dunes, a trip down a dune with a sand board is on the top of our to do list. 
Next up–our stay in Ica! 

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