Smelling Fresh

Last night we managed to find a park to sleep at. Technically we aren’t allowed to sleep in parking lots or parks but we comfort ourselves by thinking of the money we are saving. Our technique has one smelly downfall however: no showers! Today after picnicking at the Botanical Gardens and petting koalas at the free zoo, we stopped by the visitor   information center near the spire of the Tropic of Capricorn (it runs straight through the city). The lady at kiosk informed us of other places to visit nearby and advised us on caravan parks to stay at. We stopped by one caravan park afterwards in order to look at prices. We were tempted by the location as well as the hot showers but decided that 27 dollars was just too much for one night. (We were already thinking of a steak dinner we could have instead tonight at that price!) 

As we headed out of the park we stopped by the toilets on the off chance the doors weren’t locked. They were but I had an idea… 
I waited for a lady to walk in the toilets while my sidekick Mathieu went to grab towels and soap in the car. Once a lady walked in, I followed behind her and used code signals when there was no one in sight so to sneak Mathieu inside. We quickly rushed into a stall, trying hard not to make too much noise as we giggled like school children. 
I cannot describe how good it felt to take a shower after a week. Hot showers are now a luxury and trust me when I say we  enjoyed every moment of it. 
Exiting the stall was another problem as a lady walked out at the same time but she didn’t seem to be too alarmed as Mathieu tried to hide his head underneath a towel. Of course, his masculine body, and hairy legs gave him away. We then rushed to the car and escaped. 
Mission accomplished. 
Looks like we are having a steak dinner tonight at the Great Western Hotel along with a bit of practice rodeo. 
More news to come…!

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