Sneaking in Cabins

Tonight after enjoying a bowl of easy Mac (it tastes a lot better than it sounds, trust me), we ventured off a bit in the woods. It was a bit scary at first, even Mathieu will admit to that, as we heard kangaroos jumping in the bush and could barely even see our hands in front of us but we managed to find our way to a cabin we had seen earlier in the day. Then it was “mi casa es su casa” from there as we played house in our fully equipped home. We laid back on the couch in front of the satellite tv with a glass of Jack in our hands as I charged my camera battery. We did stay longer than expected as I found a movie I hadn’t seen in a long time and rain was pouring outside the window. After the rain stopped we went back to our van quietly pretending as if we were just taking a stroll in the woods, not breaking into cabins. 

Now we are snugged in our sleeping bags with a fully lit sky above our heads and the sound of a few remaining raindrops falling from the tree branches above. 
We’ll need a good nights rest for tomorrow it’s bright and early once again. We just passed the 1000km mark today, and we’re ready to pass the next 1000! 
Good morning or good night to those reading. 

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