Words of advice? 

Never leave your mobile out of sight when out with people who like to play pranks. Otherwise, you are most likely opening yourself up to text messages, Facebook messages, phone calls or any other social media you might have open hijacked.
I learned my lesson when a close friend who has been trying to shove me into the online dating world downloaded Tinder on my phone. A couple messages and about 10 matches but in the end no harm done, though she could have picked a better profile picture (just saying).

Out of curiosity and a stomach flu that had me bed ridden for a couple days, I started using the app as part of a social experiment/amusement. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the app, once you have created a profile, you have pictures of men or women pop up (depending on your preference) and you either “like” them by swiping right or “nope” them by swiping left. I have to admit that although incredibly shallow, there is a certain addiction to it. However for every swipe right there are about 20 swipes to the left. 
I swiped “nope” so many times that Tinder started showing me profiles of women. I guess after a while you have to start lowering your standards in order to “match”. 

Tattoos on your face? Nope
Pictures of you that look like you spent more time than I do in a week fixing your hair? Nope
Playboys? Nope 
Australian rugby player who likes to travel? Yes, please. 

I told you it was shallow. Stop judging. 

A couple things I found odd when using the app:
This isn’t as much of an “odd” thing as surprising–people are quite open about what they are looking for whether it’s a one night stand or long term relationship. 
Also, no one took the time to add anything in the “about me” section except for height (if anything). 
I told you. 

How it works:
Now, once you have swiped right, you wait to find out if the other person swiped right as well in order to “match”. It is all anonymous until you match in which case you are able to message the person and start chatting. 
Then, Australian rugby player/personal trainer (29 years old) Dean and you are able to talk.
I have to be honest, the app provided me with entertainment for a couple hours as I was sick in bed with a stomach flu but no Prince Charming. I couldn’t be bothered to text back or listen to the notifications on my phone any longer, so I eventually deleted the app.

Though I found these chats amusing:
Ross: Hey, what’s your favorite color? 
Laura: Hi…um, purple. 
Three hours later 
Laura: I guess I failed the test. 

Matt: Hey, I’m looking for a girl that is willing to be my submissive baby girl. She’ll have the satisfaction of pleasuring me. Are you the girl I’ve been searching for? 
Laura: LOL
Laura: You can keep searching. 

Marc: Hey, you look cute in a cheeky way. 
Laura: I don’t even know what to say to that. 
OK, part of these messages were responded to by my roommate and I. We had quite a laugh. All I have to say is that there a lot of creeps out there. Tinder is just not my cup of tea. 

However, although it isn’t for me, my roommate has been on his third Tinder date this week.
It apparently works for him…though he did get catfished once.


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