For those who are not aware, we have finally reached our destination–Cairns.

Here is a short recap of our route:
From Mackay we went to Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, but only stayed the night. We then moved further north towards Tully where we were informed we would find plenty of banana farms. Our original intention was to work on one of these farms for a week or two but quickly realized that hundreds of backpackers were looking to do the same. We did however get to take a V.I.P tour of one of the banana farms we visited (more information coming soon in another post). That very same day we took a short detour to have a tasting at a Winery that uses both local and imported fruits to make wine, ports and cream liquor. We also stopped at various fruit stalls along our way to buy the “waste”, (fruit that isn’t pretty enough to be sold at the supermarket), for cheap. Five bananas for 1 dollar. What a bargain! 
After sleeping one night on the side of a highway, (not pleasant but we are not complaining because every other night was spent only 10 meters away from the beach), we arrived in Paris. 
Yes, you read correctly… Cairns is full of tourists with a significant majority of them being French. It is also full of backpackers so we can also call it the city of all those who were rejected from the banana farms. 
I’m going to stop typing now because my “short recap” is turning into a short novel. 
Next post– our short stay in Cairns.  

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