Valentine’s Day

Valentines day has arrived…

I’m not a big fan for like most holidays, they are commercial and just exist so that you can spend money on overpriced candy and chocolate, (not to mention the flowers that are double the price on this lovers day). Though, I have to admit for all those lovers out there, it gives you a chance to be as cheesy as you’d like! This V-day, I decided to do something special for my special someone. I got the idea from another blogger–Valentine’s day scavenger hunt! I wrote out locations and things to do and put them each in envelopes.

My special someone decided to make a Valentine’s day tradition…. he got me a Kinder surprise last year (after only two days of us going out together) so here is the second one!

Now for the scavenger hunt…!
Envelope number one started at my love nest…

1. Go have coffee somewhere we both like . Open envelope 2 once you have ordered.
We decided to go to the Tea Corner… a bit of coffee and dessert!

The festivities continue….!

2. Play battleship, tic-tac-toe or the dot game!
(included in the box)
Now open envelope three once the coffee/ snack has arrived/is ready!

Making hand hearts is another game you can play..!

3. What memories do we share from when we first met? What dreams did we dream? What are our dreams now? What was our first date like? What is our funniest moment together? What are our favorite memories of each other? Play footsie under the table. Open envelope 4 when you are ready to leave.
4. Find our favorite “getaway” spot. Think back to places we like to spend time at when we first started dating. Go to a park, a viewpoint, a coffee shop, etc. or try somewhere new like an arcade. Then open envelope 5.

On our way to the second location we stopped by to 59 Rue Rivoli to enlighten our minds a bit in this artists squat…

5. Enjoy your time and then once you are ready to leave, open envelope 6!
Our “getaway” spot was a arcade in the 2nd near Opera for a bit of air hockey and zombie shooting games…

6. Go home and have dinner and then once you are eating, open envelope 7!
7. Write down five things you appreciated about each other and then read them out loud. Kiss, talk, take a walk. Enjoy each other’s company.

Just when I though he couldn’t surprise me.. reminding the other person why he or she loves the other always puts a smile on ones face..!

8. Time for dessert! Chocolate! Its never too late to learn about each other. Write down & talk about the Q’s on the “My favorites” sheet.

I decided to make him a strawberry shortcake instead of going for the chocolate but you can make whatever your tastebuds would like! (Try making his/her favorite dessert)

Hope you enjoyed your scavenger hunt!
7. Choose our own after-date adventure:
Watch a movie @ the theater or at home
Back/foot rubs Make cookies read Snuggle
Play a card game or Blokus Early bedtime
Listen to an album from once we first started dating

Alright, alright, I lied. I’m a total sucker when it comes to making the person I love happy. Call me cheesy but I call it love. Plus, walking around Paris on a February night under the city lights for a scavenger hunt is fun for even the grouchiest person out there..!

Happy Valentine’s day!


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