Wanderlust, Wandersun, Wanderterrase!

Today the sun is shining as it has been since sunday though the smell of summer is still not in the air for many of us still have school, work, or a 50 page memoir to work on..! Good luck to those who have a combination of all three.
Today however, after spending two hours writing down everything I knew on the securitization of immigrant integration policies in Canada, the UK and Australia, as well as cramping up my hand, I decided to take a breath after classes in order to have a drink at the Wanderlust (a bar/club that opened up last spring). Apart from the welcoming free factor, it also has the largest terrace of all of Paris just along the Seine near Gare d’Austerlitz. Its the perfect place to grab a drink after classes, take in the sun, as well as study (believe it or not). Today was also the first day of “Avant L’amour” which means djs start mixing soft tunes at 18h while you sip on glass of wine or a pint of beer. People start crowding up the terrace around 20h, so its best to either go home (if you want to be reasonable) or stay and party it up with all the other hipster Parisians.

Le Wanderlust is definitely still the hotspot for Parisians everywhere now that the sun is back in view!
Hope to see all of you there….!


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