Who am I?

I am my own person, who are you?

“Sometimes we got to leave

We got to find the things

That we’re seeking

All the things we’re needing 

And the things that you leave behind

Often will cross your mind

But you won’t forget them

You won’t ever forget them”

I went to a place I never got to know in order to comprehend the part that I thought I had lost. Footsteps are now traced in the land of bread, cheese, cigarettes and wine. If you are you are thinking of the place with men named Pierre and women who don’t shave, you are correct though keep your stereotypes aside. 
I was once told that everyone should have a craft whether it be art, theatre, or writing for life has a tricky way of crushing the sensible parts of ourselves.

Therefore, this blog is about giving and taking. Letting life taking me on the roller coaster we all know it to be, all the while having a safe place to share my thoughts.

Feel free to comment. 

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