Why London?

Most people who know me well enough know that I have an itch that I cannot scratch when it comes to traveling. I grew up with two parents that were constantly on the move and it wasn’t until we reached Texas that we finally found a bit of stability. In hindsight, I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether it was from growing up in this way or from a urge to go back to my roots that I chose to leave all that I knew behind to move to the other side of the world, just a couple months after my eighteenth birthday. Perhaps it was both?

Ok, now this is the part where I am supposed to tell you about my six year long journey in Paris but a few lines would not do it justice. How is one supposed to sum up what feels like a whole other existence? Instead, I’ll mention parts of Paris throughout the blog when appropriate. I’ll just say that I left Paris because I felt that it was a chapter that needed to be closed. I went there to study, get to know a part that I abandoned when I was barely a one year old because my parents moved to the United States, and in the words of seventeen year old Laura, “find myself”.
Now, twenty-four year old Laura is…still trying to find herself but, the definition of “who I am” or “who we are” is now no longer constant. Naively, I used to think I would move far away from home, and accumulate all of this life experience that would define me but then I began to think that the question I was looking for…the “who am I” question was just going to constantly change. In my mind, it would be silly to think otherwise because then I would just be going against evolution. Of course, we all have character traits we are born with and those will most likely never change but our wants, our desires, our entourage or what/who we choose to surround ourselves with does and that is the foundation that shapes us.

Now, all of this begs the question–well, why London? When asked, I simply reply, “well, why not?”. I will admit London was not one of the top choices when I suddenly began to feel the itch again upon finishing graduate school but at the time, it seemed like the most logical choice. Plus, even though the city did not appeal the first few times I went, it did once I viewed it from the eyes of a few locals.
I’ve been living here for almost a year now; and yes, it was tough to start from scratch, yes, there were obstacles in the way and yes I will be honest and state that London is indeed one of the hardest cities to live in but like most things, you have to take it for what it is and make it your own. Once you’ve done that, well, the rest is easy.

Thats all for now.
Cheers, dear… until next time!


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